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The 10 Best DIY Twitter Feeds to Follow

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As a DIYer, I am always looking for new challenges for my craft. Although there are lots of other sources to get a wide amount of DIY subjects and clear instruction, Twitter has been my favourite source for DIY information, as it sends me new stuff everyday, but also gives me the possibility to contact the people who post their projects, or ask specific questions about new tools or materials. This makes Twitter superior to Pinterest or Instagram.

Here are the 9 best Twitter feeds to follow if you want to know everything about DIY:

#1 – @DIY – the mother of all DIY twitter feeds

DIY - the mother of all DIY twitter feeds


Followers: 50.5K – Tweets: 7,717

Description: We make online learning experiences for kids. Use to try new skills and start a portfolio (free!) or to take courses guided by mentors.

Our comments: The mother of all DIY Twitter feeds. If you do not follow @DIY, you’re either not a real DIYer, or… have you ever heard of this thing called Twitter ?

#2 – @ImproveYourHome – Home and Gardening Tips and Ideas


Home Gardening Tips

Followers: 38.2K – Tweets: 2,910

Description: Articles and tips to improve your home and garden, whether you want to move, fix up, decorate, nest, add on, remodel, DIY or go green.

Our comments: More specific to home and gardening, but this twitter feed will give you loads of precious project links and ideas.

#3 – @DIYNetwork – Home of the DIY TV Network


DIY Network

Followers: 319K – Tweets: 7,488

Description: The Home Improvement How-To Network.

Our comments: More of a catalog of what shows are upcoming on the network than a resource of ideas and guides. However, it’s still good to know what’s coming!

#4 – @BobVila – America’s Handy Man

Bob Vila

Bob Vila

Followers: 1.08M – Tweets: 8,998

Description: The Official Twitter Account of Bob Vila, America’s Handyman. And the original salt-and-pepper beard.

Our comments: More of a catalog of what shows are upcoming on the network than a resource of ideas and guides. However, it’s still good to know what’s coming!

#5 – @instructables – The most versatile DIY tweeter feed



Followers: 110K – Tweets: 28,400

Description: Sharing DIY goodness from and across the web. Broadcasting from on Pier 9.

Our comments: DIY and technology stuff. Perfect for DIYers of the 21st century. With more than 28,000 tweets, this is by far the most prolific DIY tweeter account you’ll find!

#6 – @eHow -Discover the expert in you



Followers: 64.5K – Tweets: 12,400

Description: Whether you need to fix, build, create or learn, eHow gives you practical solutions to the problems life throws at you.

Our comments: eHow has embraced the “how-to-cook” trend, and mixed more and more food recipes with their DIY stuff. However, eHow is still an incredible reference for DIYers, and you might like it as much as we do!

#7 – @craftster – Largest DIY community for fabric DIYers 



Followers: 25.6K – Tweets: 4,654

Description: is the largest online community for indie crafters with over 1,000,000 readers (unique visitors) per month..

Our comments: The quintessence of what a DIY twitter feed should be if you like playing with fabric, thimbles, spools of thread, etc. Follow them, now!.

#8 – @BellaCraftsQ – Plants, Napkins, Room decor, Notebooks, Make up, etc.

Bella Craft Q

Bella Crafts Q

Followers: 201 – Tweets: 168 

Description: Brings you the latest in Craft & Creative DIY Projects.

Our comments: A relatively new tweeter feed, but all tweets are of great quality. If you spend most of your free time buying frames, buttons or hot glue at Michaels’, and love creating cushions or teddy bears with your kids, this is the twitter feed for you.

#9 – @pweditors – The reference for woodworking

popular woodworking

Popular Woodworking

Followers: 25.8K – Tweets: 5,159

Description: Woodworking plans, projects and advice from Popular Woodworking Magazine.

Our comments: Everything you need if you love woodworking.


#10 – @Rockler – Our woodworking favorite

Rockler Woodworking

Rockler Woodworking

Followers: 22.8K – Tweets: 5,383

Description: Helping Woodworkers Create with Confidence.

Our comments: Our absolute favourite for woodworking. Reviews of the latest tools, construction guides, and the most interesting projects you could dream of.


It’s now time to go back to your benches, sewing machines or drawing-boards! Don’t forget to share your creations with us!