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22 insanely helpful websites you don’t know exist

Want to learn how to cook ? Want to know how to repair anything ? Want to get control of your email box ? Need to tie a complex knot or decorate a table ? Access incredibly handy tools you can use online of offline.

1 – – temporary email accounts to use for registration.

temporary email address

2 – 2- – recipes with what you have

lets you select what ingredients you have available to you, then gives list of recipes you can make with what you have

3 – – Is your email hacked ?

have you been pwned ?

Checks if your email (and passwords) have been on any public data leaks. Made me realize, while writing this article, that both of my emails had been pwned (one on and one on hackings)

4 – – save hundreds or dollars: repair everything yourself

repair everything
If you need an appliance fixed, and you don’t want to pay for a repairman, this site not only tells you how, it has a database of just about every part of every appliance ever made. It can literally save you hundreds of dollars

5 – – install all your software in only 1 operation

install everything at once
Finite is amazing when setting up a fresh install of windows. You just pick a bunch of common programs (chrome, skype, steam, notepad++, etc.), download one executable, run it, and it downloads and installs all of the programs you selected.
It removes all the addon’s normally downloaded with free apps, it removes mccaffee from acrobat for instance. I have used it commercially and privately for years.
For mac users, offers a very similar service.

6 – – Choose the right glue

An insanely helpful website for when you don’t know what glue to use. Just select your materials and it’ll tell you what glue to use.

7 – – improve your reading speed up to 6 times.

helps you improve your reading speed if you use it regularly. Just paste any text you have to read, and Spreeder will display it to you in a way that will multiply your reading speed up to six times! It takes some time to get used to it, but is a great tool if you have too much to read. I mostly use it for very long emails.

8 – – visually learn how to tie any knot

“Better to know a knot and not need it, than need a knot and not know it!”. This site shows you in an animated way how to make hundreds of knots.
They have a sister site called

9 – – immense amount of stats about the world


When I was in school I used this website for stats. Most people had never heard of it. It is a great source of information on the nation’s of the world.

10 – – Temporarily share any file into your local network with no effort

Temporarily saves a file or text file (like Dropbox or Google Drive) and makes it accessible to anyone with the same IP address as you, i.e., your house network. Good for quickly transferring files between your computers without having to email yourself or use a USB drive

11 – – download literally any book

This site has got just about every book you can think of, available for download

12 – Http:// – unsubscribe from all annoying mailing lists in seconds

Lets you unsuscribe from emails that you no longer want. Everything you’re subscribed to comes up on a list and you just unblock it. 

I was able to unsubscribe from 40 out of my 58 subscription emails in less than 2 minutes. Fantastic!

13 – – read books in 15 minutes

Summaries of bestsellers. Really helpful if you’re not a bookworm like me

14 – – no-hassle, share any file with a simple link

imageUpload a file, send your buddy the link. Buddy streams the file from you. Server never stores it. Once you close the tab it’s gone
Maybe the simplest way to send a file from one computer to another, although technically it does need the relay server to get past NAT. 

15 – – see how a website looked like at a specific date

imageFind deleted web pages or former versions of websites. How would you like to see what looked in 1995 ?

16 – – convert any file to any format

imageConvert anything to anything – supports 215 file formats

17 – – summarize any text on the fly


Copy – paste – choose the length and click. This site will summarize text to save you time. Of course you can’t expect to generate a fantastic, 2-page version of Pride and Prejudice, but you’ll be amazed by the quality and sheer simplicity of that tool

18 – – find common availability time for your meetings 

Perfect when you’re trying to set a meeting time and everyone has a different schedule. Everyone fills out when they’re available and then doodle will tell you common times

19 – – display an accurate ruler on your screen

Figures out your monitor’s resolution/size and makes an accurate ruler.

20 – – create a fake name and identity

fake id generator
Need a fake identity ? Choose your gender and country, and this website will randomly generate a set of fake name, address, phone number, birthday, age, email address, etc.

Funny, though a little scary. This is fantastic if you are a fan of and want to make fun of scammers.

21 – – It’s always a good time to read

 read on toilet
The name says it all: this site generates short fiction if you have, say, a few minutes of alone time to read. This is a modern, digital version of my grandmother’s Reader’s digest!

22 – Michael BlueJay – How to Buy a House – Save tens of thousands of dollars, literally.

 how to buy a house
This might be the most important site you’ll discover today as it might save you tens of thousands of dollars on your next house or mortgage.
This site got our friend into a $160,000 house at the bottom of the market with 100% financing, 3.2% interest, and a double guarantee by the the USDA and state banks….in 6 weeks.

All she did was follow the directions on the website…