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The ludicrously complete list of drinking games rules.

51 drinking games

Drunk me was arguing with a drunk friend that I wouldn’t be able to come up with the longest list of drinking games. So I decided to give it a shot, and come up with a ludicrously long list of drinking games. I started from the famous wikipedia page ( but found out that many of the games listed there required very specific setups you can’t find in a bar or in a random room you’re planning to get drunk in. So I limited myself to drinking / alcool games that do not require complex setup. So here it is:

My ultimate list of 53 awesome drinking games

And please, do not transform a very fun drinking night into a murder / life ruining failure by drinking and driving.

The Photographer:


The “photographer” has a camera. He/she must count down from 3 loudly, whilst pointing the camera in one place. After 3, anybody not in the photograph drinks a shot.
Leads to some good photos

The Macaulay Culkin:

Macaulay culkin

The rule maker at any point may place his hands on his cheeks, a la Home Alone. The last person to copy drinks a shot. The best part… the last person always glances left and right, then quickly slaps their face with an “ahh” look, the Macaulay Culkin face.

The No pointing:

No pointing

You have to finish your drink if you point. You’d be surprised how much people point at each other during drinking games

The “No Drink”:

No Drink

You have to finish your drink if you say the word “drink”

The seat belt:

the seat belt

You have to undo your invisible seat belt whenever you get up. Back on when you sit down. Otherwise, you have to finish your drink

The Name your neighbour:

talk to the Neighbour

Everybody has to be adressed by the name of the person sitting left to them. You have to finish your drink if you either use the wrong name, or forget to acknowledge when you’re called by your neighbour’s name. The game gets much harder after a few drinks

The Naked singer:

naked singer

If you sing along to the music playing, you have to remove an article of clothing. The best part of this game is that women loose their clothes so quickly.

The Secret services:

secret services

When you speak, you have to put your 2 fingers to your ear as if you are part of the secrets services, communicating with other personnel. Failure to do so obviously results in finishing your drink.

The Forbidden teeth:


Whatever you do, you cannot show your teeth. Failure to comply resulsts in a new drink. After a while everyone will be tucking their lips over their teeth trying not to laugh and because that looks so stupid, it gets even harder.

The Viking rule:

The viking

Everyone needs to mimic rowing motions. Last person to row drinks.

The “Call my office”:

call my office

You can’t address anyone directly. Or you finish your drink

The ghetto rule:


Every sentence must begin with Yo and end with Check It

The Ke$ha:


Repeat the last word of every sentence, like Ke$ha

The reverse Grip:

reverse grip

Whenever you hold your cup/can/bottle, it has to be reverse grip

The Gecko Rule:


While playing King’s Cup, if a certain card is pulled everyone playing must put at least three limbs against the nearest wall. Last person to do this has to drink

The dominant hand:

dominant hand

You are not allowed to drink with your dominant hand. You are not allowed to point. The latter will get people who are accusing others of using their dominant hand. Great game for left-handed

The “one mouth move up and down”:


You can only speak using one-syllable words. Everyone starts talking like a caveman even if they don’t have to. “Me want chips. You give chips”.

The two handed drinking:

two hands

It’s hilarious watching grown men drink a pint with two hands. Very unfair to amputees.

The “Oscar Pistorius” rule:

Oscar Pistorius

Everytime someone gets up to go to the toilet, take 2 shots.

The Lightbulb rule:


You cannot put your drink down without pretending to screw it in like a lightbulb and you have to unscrew it to drink. Forgetting either requires a drink/finish drink

The question mark rule:

question mark

Everything has to sound like it ends in a question mark? People start forgetting how to talk? After a while everyone is laughing? The worst part is when addressing to other people that are not aware of the game. Beware, this is the toughest rule in the whole book.

LOL: Last One Laughing:


When someone laughs, everyone else has to laugh. Last one to join in the laughter drinks

The headless rule:


No touching your head. People were asking eachother to fix their hair, scratch their nose, and this caused a lot of drinking.

The “No Contraction” rule:

no contraction

No contractions simply means nobody can use “can’t”, “don’t”, “won’t”, etc. Or they have to finish their drink.

The Kanye Rule:


All nouns in sentences must be changed to Kanye, or another name in reference to him such as Yeezus, Yeezy, etc.

The US election night rule:


Uses 2 superlatives in the same breath = 1 drink
Goes over time by 10 secs = drink until they yield
Mention Russia/Putin = 1 drink
Mention Benghazi/Libya = 1 drink
Mention 9/11 = 1 drink
Mention BLM = Take a shot
Says “crooked Hillary”
References Hillary’s health

Hillary: (less rules but higher occurence potential!)
References Trump not releasing his tax returns
References a failed Trump business
States how Trump hates women
Says “middle class”
last rule: Finish your drink if she references Trump’s ex-wife.

The “What’s my problem” game:


One person has to leave the room and the remaining people agree on what their most significant personal issue is. The person returns to the room and has to guess that their problem is, drinking after each wrong answer.
I work too much? – drink
I haven’t gotten over my ex? – drink
I still depend on my parents? – drink
Continue until blackout drunk or perfect self-awareness.

The Matrix Drinking Game:


Step 1: Put on the Matrix.
Step 2: Drink every time Keanu Reeves looks confused.
Step 3: Die.

The Goon of Fortune:

goon of fortune

Clip a bag of goon on the clothesline and get everyone to stand around it. Spin it round, and whoever it lands on has to drink

The Get on the bus:

get on the bus

Everyone in a circle passing around a big bottle of whatever (don’t take it too strong though). Everyone chants ‘get on the bus, chug chug’ over and over and over really fucking loud. You drink from the bottle on the ‘chug chug’. You pass the bottle rhythmically to the left on the ‘get on the bus’. If you interrupt the rhythm or can’t drink your out, you get off the bus then drink whats left of the bottle. Then the whole thing starts again until there is one man standing

The “Don’t Get Me Started”:

don't get me started

I give you a topic, you have to get all riled about it as a major problem that affects you. It’s hilarious to ask people to get mad and make a cohesive argument against the 13th Amendment or the dissolution of the Soviet Union. For every minute you go on; you get to hand out a drink. If you lose momentum, we move on. If you try to shift the topic (i.e; “Why you love Hitler” can’t be “because he’s dead and can’t hurt anyone.”) you take all the drinks from the next person to go.

The flaming Scott (for tough mofos only):

scott towel

You pour a beer into a glass. Then you rubber band a paper towel over the top of the glass. Then you put a penny on top of the paper towel. Now everyone takes turns lighting the paper towel on fire, and then blow out the flames. When you make fire you must a) either make a new hole in the paper towel, or b) add on to an existing hole. The lighter moves around the circle until the penny falls into the beer. The person who made the penny fall drinks the beer.
The beer at this point has tons of nasty ashes in it, tastes like crap, and is warm. This is an extremely high-stakes drinking game. YOU DO NOT WANT TO DRINK THIS BEER.

The Shotopoly:


It’s monopoly, but whenever you land on someone’s property, they pour a half shot of their choosing.

The Drinking Mario kart:

Mario Kart

You get one beer and start a game of Mario kart. Before the race ends, you must finish your beer. However, you can not be moving while you drink. So you can chug it to start, take drinks after getting hit by an item or whatever. But you must be stationary when you take a drink. Oh and also you must always call peach a slut when she passes you.

The “Frozen”:

frozen door

Watch “Frozen” and drink every time someone opened a door…. Well little did I know there’s a whole song about opening doors

The Slap Cup:

slap cup

Get a large table and a bunch of solo cups. Fill every cup with a small amount of beer, and fill one cup completely. This will be the middle cup. Everyone playing stands around the table, and two players are given an empty cup and a ping pong ball each. These two players try to bounce their balls into their empty cups. If they succeed on the first try, they may pass to any other player. If they succeed after the first try, they pass to the person on their right. If you make your ball in while the person directly to your right is still trying to make theirs in, you slap their cup away and pass your cup to the next person after them. They must grab a new cup, drink the beer in it, and continue playing. The game is over when every cup is gone, ending with the middle cup.

The Chandeliers:


You set up a circle of shot glasses, one for each person playing, and one in the middle. You then take a quarter and bounce it off the table and try to make it into other people’s shot glasses or the middle one. Whichever shot glass it lands in, that person has to take the shot. If it lands in the middle then everyone shoots and the last person to finish has to shoot the middle glass. So much fun

The Laughing questions:

laughing question

Everyone sits in a circle and you look someone in the eyes and ask them a question (which you don’t answer); if they laugh they have to drink (or to get more people drunk, whoever in the circle laughs has to drink). Then that person asks someone else a question etc

The Snappa:


Get 4 chairs and sit across a table with 2 teams facing each other. Everyone has a glass cup that they put on the their corner of the table aprox. 1 hand length towards the middle. Each player must be sitting in his chair at his corner of the table with his cup on the table full of beer. Teams alternate throwing the die underhand across the table at their opponent’s glasses. die team that is not throwing the die must play defense by catching the die AFTER it bounces off of the table with one hand only.
Full rules:
1) Games are played to 7 points
2) 1 point every time you hit an opponent’s glass, make it in the glass, or bounce the die in between their glasses and it falls off the table and they do not catch it
3) For every point the other team gets or if you miss the table on your throw you must drink 1/3 of your glass
4) You must pour yourself a new beer every 3 times you drink
5) Each underhand throw must go about 8 feet up (you can decide)

The shoulders:


You count to 21, you tap your shoulder with the opposite hand (left hand to right shoulder) the count goes to the person beside that shoulder. If you take too long, count the wrong number, do the wrong action, you drink. Ideal with shots to get hammered quickly, “chugs” when playing with shots can be decided by all players, but we usually play 2 shots.
There’s special numbers that make the game harder (mind you, you can create your own rules)
7&17 – Opposite direction ex. Left hand to right shoulder, the count goes left.
10 & 20 – Point to a person to continue the count
21 – Kaboom (Makes a fist and hits their knee according to which way they wanna go, right hand to right knee, goes right) they have to chug their drink.
21 – Add new rule (optional)
After 21 you can restart count to 2 to drag out the game.

The Vietnam:


Two teams of three people on each side of a doublewide beer pong table. the US side sets up a single 10 cup triangle with refill beers nearby. the Vietnam team sets up 10 randomly placed cups on their end of the table. each side fills up their cups with 3 beers and the US starts with the 3 ping pong balls.
when the US side makes a cup, the Vietnam team pulls the cup, drinks it, and places it to the side. when the Vietnam team sinks one of the 10 US cups, the US team has to drink it, refill it, and put it back. the game ends when all the Vietnam cups are hit or when the US team gives up.

The 7-11-doubles:

seven eleven

Get ye a group of friends, some beer (lots of beer, it goes quick), and 2 dice. You go around in a circle rolling the dice until someone rolls a 7, 11, or doubles. That person then selects the person who is to drink. A cup is filled usually about half way with beer and set in front of the drinker. As soon as that person touches the glass, the roller begins rolling. The drinker needs to chug the beer before the roller rolls another 7, 11, or double. Should they succeed, the dice are passed again and the game continues. Should they fail, the glass is refilled and they have to do it again. Sometimes this leads to a person chugging 5 or more beers in a row, which is why there is the Hero rule. At any point, any other player can Hero the beer and chug it, however should a 7 11 or double be rolled, the onus is on the Hero to chug again

The Landmines:


You’ll need
2 shot glasses
about a 30 rack of beer IN CANS
A Quarter
A table for everyone to sit around
Starts with one person and goes around the table one by one. When it is your turn you fill up the two shot glasses with beer. Spin the quarter and while it is spinning you must take both shots of beer and pick up the quarter before it falls flat WITH THE SAME HAND. If you fail to do this you must keep trying until successful. If someone has an empty beer can they can place it on top of the quarter stopping its spin from anytime. The can now stays there for the rest of the game

The Cell Phone Roulette:

cellphone roulette

Simple and efficient: Everyone puts there cell phones in the middle of the table, mix them up and grab a random phone. Look through the contact list and compose a text saying whatever you want to whomever you want. Then before sending the message, hand the phone back to its owner. The owner now has a choice. Send the message or take a shot.

the Anchor Man:


You start off with 2 teams of ideally 3 or 4. You need a pitcher of beer and 5 quarters if you have 3 players on a team and 7 quarters if there are 4 players on a team. The point of the game is to bounce 3 or 4 quarters into the pitcher. The team that bounces the quarters into the pitcher first gets to pick an anchorman on the losing team. The whole losing team has to empty the pitcher. You can keep going untill you take your lips off the pitcher– then it goes to the next person. Finally, it gets to the anchor man and he has to finish it.

The Water Liar:


You have loads of shots on a table containing: gin, vodka, sambuca, tequila and a couple of water. You take it in turns to down a shot then say “mmmm water” If you aren’t convincing you have to do another, and another and another

The Wizard Stick / Wizard Staff:

wizard stickgecko

You need a ton of beer in cans, and a few rolls of duct tape.
When you finish your first beer, you tape your next one on top of it, then your next one on top of that, etc. Eventually, everyone is drinking out of beer stacks that are 10-15 cans high.
We also usually add silly rules like people with shorter staffs than you have to call you sire, and if they’re more than three below you then you can have them fetch your drinks for you.
At the end of the night, everybody jousts using their wizard sticks as lances.

The “Cheers to the Governor”:

cheerswizard stick

You go around in the circle counting from 1-21. But the numbers 7 and 14 are switched places. Once you get to 21 you say “Cheers to the Governor” and everyone drinks. Then the governor gets to make a new rule such as, instead of saying “five” you have to say “it comes in pints? Im getting one.” or something like that. It gets super crazy and by the end of the night your face hurts from laughing.

The Whisper War:


Everyone sits in a circle and one person starts by asking the person next to them a “who” question such as “Who in this room is most likely to have a one-night stand tonight?” The catch is, he/she must whisper the question so no one hears it. The person to whom the question is asked, must then answer out loud, but ONLY say the name (or names if they think more than one person applies). Everyone who gets named has to drink, but since no one knows the question, they don’t know why. This goes on until everyone has asked and answered a question. Then everyone goes around and says what their question was, and the people who answered restates their answers and hilarity and awkwardness ensues

The Pyramids:


Lay out cards face down in a pattern 5-4-3-2-1 so it looks like a pyramid (duh). Give each player 4 cards, which they have 10 seconds to memorise and place down in front of them (they have to remember the order).
Turn the first card up in the row of 5. Players can allocate one drink if they have the card or pretend to have the card. Player allocated the drink must decide whether to take the drink or call ‘cheat’. If the player does not have th card and is found to be cheating he must drink x2 the drinks allocated to the player. If he does have it, the other player drinks x2.
The number of drinks allocated goes up by 1 every row. we usually put an extra at the top which is 10 drinks. It’s the grudges that make this game awesome

The Thumper:


Everyone comes up with a hand gesture and someone starts off and you do your own hand gesture then the person’s gesture who you want to go next. Go around until someone fucks up the gesture. They drink. No pausing allowed. The gestures get progressively harder to remember. It’s called thumper because before you start each round you drum on the table and someone says “What are we playing?” “Thumper!” “Why do we play it?” “To get fucked up!”

The Civil War:

civil war

A variation of Beer Pong: Instead of one six-cup setup per side there are three next to each other, one for each player on a team. There are also three balls and no turns. If a shot is made and missed, people from each team can fight over the lose ball, but you need to start on your side until a shot has been made. If one team hits all the other team’s cups, the game is over


And that’s all for now! Have fun, and don’t be assholes: don’t drink and drive, and don’t touch the ladies if they don’t expressly say they want you to.