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Women Body Language 101 – you wish…

Many pretend to have debunked the mysteries of women body language, but few have succeeded.

We took one of the most duplicated “Women Body language guides” (one version here – and tried to add some visuals, to make things very much clearer.

Now, we’re completely reassured you’ll be able to understand and build solid connections with women. Oooh yes!


Fundamental Female Body Language Signals: Real life examples

# 1: Head signs: (yes, women have a head!)

• Looking Around:

This woman wants to get away.
She’s bored and is thinking about something else.
Either change subjects or let her leave.

• Stroking Chin: 

She is Evaluating you.

• Yawning:

Bored, or tired and that may have nothing to do with the situation/conversation

• Preening: 

This shows someone knows they are attractive
For example, flicking or stroking their hair or adjusting a collar and/or a tie.

• Ear Tugging 

Indecision, Possible deception.
Grabbing her own ear might also mean that
Sue has heard enough and wants to speak now.

• Nodding: 

The occasional nod from a listener to a speaker is a positive message.
It is an indication they are listening and are interested.

Too Much Nodding: 

This indicates the listener
has lost interest and may be bored.

• Flushed Cheeks:

o Indicates interest in the other person
o Embarrassment (usually temporary)

• Dilated Pupils:

o Interested in someone.
o Focused
o High on drugs

• High Blink Rate:

o A person who has an interest in someone will have an increased blink rate.
o Nervousness
o Assessing
o Has an eye disorder

• Low Voice:

When interested in someone a woman may speak in a low voice.

• Staring:

o Defiance
o Sign of aggression

• Looks you in the eyes without staring: 

Confident, self-assured.

• Chewing Fingernails:

Nerves. The person is not feeling secure. If they swallow, there may not be enough calcium in their diet.

# 2: Body signs:

• Mirroring:

This is evidence of two people getting on really well.
Each person copies the other’s body language, usually subtly.

Examples of mirroring:


o Mirrors Breathing
cropped gifcropped gif

o Mirrors Gestures

mirroring movements
o Mirrors Eye movement

Leaning towards you

Means she wants to smell you

 Crossed or uncrossed legs

If she starts moving like this guy, she wants to impress you

 Arm movement:


If she moves her arms energetically like that, you’re probably not listening to her enough…

• Puffing Out Chest:

This has nothing to do with silicone implants. Women do this when demonstrating their attraction to someone.

• Clears Throat:

This is a subtle sign that she wants to seduce you, especially if she uses a smaller, plastic hand

• Backwards Moving:

go back cat

o Rejecting
o Escaping

• Slumped Posture:

slumped posture
o Bored
o Low self-esteem/confidence

• Darting Eyes:


• Shifting Eyes:

shifting eyes
 At the very least may be a lack of confidence or at worst it is indication of a deception. Definitely means deception when combined with a nose rub and ‘umms’ and ‘ahhs’.

• Running Fingers Through Hair:

o Frustration
o Preening

#3: Arms/Hands:

• Open Arms:

open arms
o Energetically open and possibly feeling vulnerable
o A good way to show you are approachable, especially when combined with open palms.

• Palms Up / Open Hands:

palms up
o Defenses down
o An open heart

• Palms on Chest: 

palms on chest

When a person uses open palms that occasionally touch their chest, they are signaling honesty.

• Outward, Upward Hand Movements: 

This conveys an open and positive message.

upward hands

• Folded Arms:

folded arms
o A defense mechanism that shows the person is not open to what is being said or done
o May mean rejection
o Physically cold
o Stubborn in their outlook

• Chopping Hands Down: 

This is an aggressive act, usually used to antagonize.

 Toucher her own Leg:

touching her own leg

Sexually interested in the other person

• Drumming Fingers:

drumming fingers o Impatient
o May be a drummer

• Open Mouth:

open mouth

o May be a sign of attraction
o You have said something outrageous and their jaw has dropped in shock.
o The person has tried to interrupt the conversation to get a word in, but you haven’t paused.

• Tilt of Hips: 

tilt of hips

Sign of attraction and a good flirting tool

• Finger Pointing:

finger pointing
o Sign of assertiveness
o Sign of aggression

• Quick and Animated Arm and Hand Movements: Lying Note: Many honest, passionate people also do this.

quick animated arm mouvements

#4 : Legs/Feet

• Striding Briskly:

o An outward display of confidence
o Anger

• Gentle Leg Shaking:

leg shaking
o The person is mildly stimulated
o May need to go to toilet

• On Toes:

on toes


• Pretends to kick imaginary things on ground:



• Legs Entwined:

entwined legs

A woman who is interested in someone will often cross and uncross her legs when seated.

• Open Legs:

Receptive to the other person

OK! With all those great, real-life examples, you are now prepared to confidently drop Tinder and go live your life with meeting real people.
Good luck!